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Agent detail
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Delivery and handling fee charge to be added as follows
Delivery to PO box is not accepted, if delivered by courier
* Courier with signature required A$20.00
* Delivery by DX Toll/Express Post, no extra charge
* Delivery direct to clients is not available

(Please Note -- Period of 21Dec - 03Jan Courier is not available, may be expecting some delay for Express Post for this period.)
* We highly recommend the use of a courier.
* JTB is not liable for lost or misplaced passes sent Express post.
* If you are ordering only JR East Passes, please select the Pick-up option. The passes will be
emailed to you as electronic vouchers. (JR East Pass only)
* It is Japan Rail’s strict rule that the JR passes have to be sold at the price printed on the pass and that no discounting is allowed under any circumstances.  Japan Rail is closely monitoring the selling prices at all times and if any proof of discounting is found, the given agents will not be able to sell the passes any more.
Choose JR Pass
* Rail passes are processed the next business day and will be ready for collection from our office after 1pm. If you wish your passes to be delivered to your designated address, please allow us up to 5 working days for delivery . If you are not collecting your passes, and are leaving within 5 working days, please contact JTB for delivery options.
*Please select a pass you need
JR Pass Type

Type Class Days Age group Price(AUD) Number of ticket
* Child (6-11 years): Age at the time of exchanging order is issued.
* Child 5 and under is free of charge with NO seat.

If you do not know which pass you need

If you are a tourist visiting Japan from abroad for sightseeing:

You must be visiting Japan under the entry status of "Temporary visitor" according to Japan Immigration
Law. When you enter Japan for sightseeing, entry personnel will stamp the passport as "Temporary visitor" Only a person who has a passport bearing this stamp can use a JAPAN RAIL PASS. Please note that according to strict interpretation of the Japanese Immigration Law, “Temporary visitor" status differs even from other types of stays that are also for only short time periods.

If you are a Japanese national living in a foreign country:
You must
a) be qualified to live permanently in that country; or
b) be married to a non-Japanese residing in a country other than Japan.

Important Notice from JR Group Company: JR passes will not be available to Japanese passport holders from 1st of April 2017. The last date we can issue exchange coupons for JR Passes to Japanese passport holders will be 31st March 2017. Coupons can be exchanged for passes within 3 months from the date of issuance.

*Persons meeting conditions a or b above are required to fax us a copy of a) permanent resident visa or b) marriage certificate. (Fax Number: Sydney Office 02-9510 9479 / Melbourne Office 03-8623-0010)
These documents also need to be produced at the time of exchange in Japan. (if unsure, please contact us on 1300-739-330)

* Australian residents travelling on a Japanese passport are not allowed to purchase JR Hokkaido,
East, West or All Shikoku Rail passes. * In a rare case when travellers have dual passports (Japanese & Other), unless your valid non Japanese passport is stamped with "Temporary Visitor", issuance of JR pass will be refused.

*I have ensured that all pass users are eligible to use a JR Pass:
JTB Australia ensures your credit card/personal details provided are transmitted over secure lines. JTB uses a mechanism extensively used by e-commerce companies to transfer sensitive data over the internet using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is a protocol that provides communications, privacy, authentication, message integrity and prevents eavesdropping, tampering or message forgery by encrypting data.
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